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BioZyme Sure Champ Spark

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  • BioZyme
  • Amaferm® is a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed
  • Pelleted, concentrated daily supplement for show cattle
  • Drives appetite to higher levels and improves digestive health
  • 25 lbs
  • 60750

A pelleted, concentrated daily supplement with the Amaferm® advantage for show livestock that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to drive appetite to higher levels and improve digestive health.


Provides a safe, easy way for show livestock to receive the Amaferm® advantage when aggressive appetite is needed. Includes MOS to trap bad bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health and intake.


Contains only Amaferm® and MOS for increased flexibility in a wide range of feeding programs.


Amaferm® is a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. It is research-proven to increase water and feed intake. In addition, research shows that Amaferm decreases body temperature in heat-stressed animals.



Included scoop holds 8 oz. Feed to show livestock using the following guidelines: Beef Cattle under 400 lbs. = 4 oz. Cattle over 400 lbs. = 8 oz. Swine Pigs under 100 lbs. = 2 oz. Pigs over 100 lbs. = 4 oz. Sheep/Goats Sheep/Goats under 40 lbs. = 2 oz. Sheep/Goats over 40 lbs. = 4 oz.


Wheat Middlings, Dried Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product, Yeast Extract, Lignin Sulfonate, Biotin, Mineral Oil, Zinc Proteinate, Dried Cane Molasses, Natural and Artificial Flavor