Stage A Western Dee Sweet Sour Snaffle

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Style #: BIT210

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  • Reinsman
  • Stage A
  • 3/8" Twisted Snaffle
  • Sweet Iron & Copper mouth
  • 3" Rings
  • 5" Mouth
  • BIT210

    Applies a more direct signal than with a loose ring snaffle. The Dee ring applies pressure to the horse’s Cheeks on the opposite side of the face from the rein you pull, allowing for better flexion. Reinsman’s Sweet & Sour mouthpiece tastes like a green apple dipped in molasses and is sure to become your horse’s favorite!

    Are You Riding with Both Hands? Stage A bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact. Aspects include direct reining, non-leverage Loose Rings and Dee Rings with mouthpiece diameters 5/16” and over.