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  When St. Croix Forge was founded back in 1984 to make America's finest horseshoes, we knew we had a lot to learn, and we got to work learning it! We have crisscrossed America — and the world — looking for farriers, listening to farriers, and talking to horseshoe supply dealers to find out what farriers really want and what horses really need. We believe that we now provide the ultimate products, but we are still out there, wanting to learn more.

  •  Material: Steel
  • Usage: All-round
  • Horseshoe Size: 0
  • Front/Hind: Front
  • Front/Hind: Hind
  • Clips: No clips
  • Section: Section to Size
  • Bar width (mm): 19
  • Thickness (mm): 10
  • Shoe Width (mm): 117
  • Perimeter (mm): 330
  • 10122