Focus Source Micronutrient Nuggets 3.5lb

by Focus

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  • Source
  • Maintenance formula of broad spectrum micronutrients for optimum condition. Legendary support to thrive
  • Tasty pellets of original source that has stood the test of time! Our proprietary formulation derived from ocean seaweeds
  • Effective support for superior hoof condition, hair gloss, skin tone, weight, stamina, breeding performance and disposition
  • hese micronutrients are not available in conventional nutritional supplements, all natural
  • Use every day, including race and competition days and during pregnancy and lactation, for all classes and ages of horses
  • Made in the usa
  • 3.5lb
  • 573950

Combines the proven success of original SOURCE® with the appeal of a convenient pellet.

SOURCE NUGGETS consists of a daily serving of the original SOURCE micronutrients (the concentrated powder) plus all-natural ingredients added to protect our micronutrients during the pelletizing process.

Provide good quality hay or forage, grain (or concentrate), with protein and carbohydrate levels appropriate for the age and demands of the horse; a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio, an effective parasite control program, fresh water at all times, free access to salt, a good dental care program and… Feed one level measure (1.5 oz. daily) of NUGGETS per 1,000 lbs. of body weight (measure included). Feed NUGGETS everyday, including race and competition days. Complete feeding directions and measuring scoop are included in all SOURCE products.

SOURCE NUGGETS Ingredients: Dehydrated seaweed meals, Corn distillers dried grains with solubles, processed grain by-products, natural flavoring. We have pledged to keep these products free from any artificial colors or flavoring, preservatives, synthetics or drugs of any kind.