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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Poultice 23lb

by Arenus
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The Performance Ultra Poultice is the right choice for:

  • Horses with a heavy work level. Horses with severe or chronic inflammation, arthritis, sore or swollen legs.
  • Horses with sole bruises, infections or hoof abscesses.
  • Horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
  • Horses recovering or rehabilitating from soft tissue injuries.
  • Horses competing in FEI or other agency regulated events.
  • Owners looking for a clinical strength, regulation compliant solution for sore legs and hooves.
  • Also available in 5lb 
  • 23 lb
  • AF009

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice is a high grade clay poultice that is easy to apply and remove. Made with bentonite clay, it provides the ultimate combination to cool and draw heat from muscles, tendons and ligaments. This clinical strength poultice delivers fast results but also remains gentle enough to use on horses that are chemically sensitive. Containing only herbal ingredients and free of lobelia and capsaicin, Performance Ultra Poultice meets the regulatory requirements of the FEI. Designed to apply to lower limbs that commonly experience soft tissue discomfort after strenuous workouts, this poultice can also be used as a hoof pack to address sore hooves and heal abscesses.