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Sheep Shag 11.25lb

by Oxy-Gen
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Style #: 009279-9

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  • Oxy-Gen
  • Safe for both sexes and breeding animals of all ages
  • Fortified with STOP to prevent fungus 
  • Promotes great hair everywhere - legs too!
  • 11.25lb
  • 009279-9

Build a Champion Lamb - to include great leg wool - with Sheep Shag.Includes STOP! to fight fungus.

Feeding Directions:

Up to 60 pounds: Feed 1/2 ounce (1/2 enclosed scoop) per head, per day.

60 pounds and up: Feed 1 ounce (1 enclosed scoop) per head, per day.

Do not over-feed. Feed continuously through final show.