Rope Smart Red Hornet Extra Soft Dally Wrap

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Style #: RS-RH1

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  • Extra soft, deep set
  • Out performed others
  • Double patented wrap
  • RS-RH1

Rope Smart "We are Team Roping"

The Rope Smart RedHornet is Extra Soft, giving the rope a deep set. More depth, morecontact, more grab. This wrap out preformed all red bands and other redstrips period when tested on Rope Smarts Dally Buster Machine.

Rope Smarts double patented Smart wraps have continued to evolve overthe past few years into the awesome grabbing and rope saving materialthey are today! Easy installation, and guaranteed to not roll or spin onthe horn like other materials. Each Smart wrap comes with shockabsorbing core bands that lie at the heart of the saddle horn wrap andincrease the amount of weight it takes to move a rope on the saddlehorn. With the proprietary chemistry owned by Rope Smart, the compoundsoperate in the largest range of temperatures, and also do not burn offinto ropes. Open crowns mean a consistent bite from dally one until therope is worn out. With other types of rubber, especially black bands,each dally leaves more and more rubber in the crown, leaving less crownto bite. So the rope bite goes down hill from steer one on othermaterials. The Smart wraps patented design also seals off the base ofthe saddle horn, helping prevent ropes from becoming stuck under or intothe horn, resulting in higher winning percentages. When properlyinstalled and instructions followed, each Smart Wrap is Guaranteed tosave a minimum of one rope per wrap but for most ropers it’s many more.This is for the average roper, and rope prices being what theyare today, makes the implementation of Rope Smart  Smart Wrapsessentially free.  

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