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Rope Hog Track System

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  • 12 Straight Tracks
  • 4 Corner Tracks, 
  • Track-to-ATV attachment Bogie
  • Rope Hog Track System ATV with Remote
  • RHTS-1


The Rope Hog Track System is the first of its kind in roping practice equipment. The system allows for realistic practice on the roping sled without the need for an ATV driver to be present. The system is independently roper operated with a remote allowing for practice to take place even under the constraints of limited time and space.  Roping a track attached sled provides more consistent corners than traditional ATV pulled sleds making a great tool for training horses and improving your roping skills. Can be operated with any roping sled and used for heading, heeling, and even calf roping practice. Rope Hog Track System includes everything you need to hook up to a sled and begin roping. The Rope Hog Track system will improve your skills with the most precise consistent practice available. Parts included: 12 straight tracks, 4 corner tracks, track-to-ATV attachment bogie, and Rope Hog Track System ATV with remote.

 Used and Endorsed by WPRA World Champion Roper, Horse Trainer, and Instructor Lari Dee Guy