Revenge Dust-On Fly Lice & Tick Control

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  • Insecticide dust for listed home ornamental and vegetable gardens, dogs, and livestock
  • May also be used on beef and dairy cattle, horses, swine, and poultry for horn flies, lice, face flies, & northern fowl mite
  • 4lb
  • 917477

The Revenge Dust - On Fly, Lice and Tick Control for Livestock and Dogs is an effective pesticide that is used to control and eliminate lice, flies, mites, fleas, ticks and other flying and crawling insect pests. This can be used on and around horses, swine, cattle, poultry and even dogs. The pesticide provides protection for up to 4 weeks and is applied through a mechanical dust applicator or directly to animals such as swine to kill lice. While the product can be used in or outside any area, it is important to use it as directed.