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Relentless All-Around Hind Sport Boot

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Style #: SP250H

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  • Cactus Saddlery
  • Relentless Trevor Brazile Hind Protective boot
  • Assorted colors
  • Available in Sizes: Medium, Large
  • SP250H

Relentless All-Around Hind Sport Boots are designed for competitors who need ultimate hind leg protection for their performance horses.
“After I finished testing the Relentless™ Front Boots and was satisfied with their performance, we began to design a hind boot that would perform like no other on the market. It took over a year to develop and test this boot,” says World Champion Trevor Brazile.
These boots were created specifically to fit the rear cannon and fetlock closely without excess bulk. This new shape combines with our Patented Sling Technology™ to protect against concussive injuries while providing maximum suspensory ligament support.
What makes them different?
• SHAPE: These are not just front boots you apply to the back legs. The entire size and shape of the All-Around Hind Boot is designed specifically to fit the hind cannon bone.
 • ArenaSEAL: No more dirt build-up in your boots! When properly applied, the unique, new shape of this boot combines with our Patented Sling to create a seal that keeps arena dirt from accumulating in the boot during rigorous activities.
 • FREEDOM: The Relentless™ All-Around Hind Boot is cut higher in the front to allow full flexion of the fetlock. This also prevents interference from your bell boot.