Reinsman Sweet Iron Dog Bone Shank Bit

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Style #: BIT776

  • Reinsman
  • Stage C
  • 7/16" Three-piece sweet iron snaffle mouthpiece with copper roller
  • 7" Cheeks
  • 5" Mouth
  • BIT776

The Reinsman Sweet Iron Dog Bone Shank Bit is on of Reinsman's leading shank and mouthpiece combinations. Wonderful balance. A short purchase coupled with a short shank to make it moderately light. The three-piece smooth snaffle bars and copper roller adds light tongue pressure for better control and the roller acts as a pacifier for nervous horses. A very nice moderate bit.   This three piece shank bit features sweet iron smooth bars with a copper roller dog bone center mouthpiece.Stage C bits are designed for equestrians and their horses who prefer neck reining. These bits are most suitable for horses that are responsive to pressure on their poll. The product number is BIT776 and comes with a lifetime warranty.