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Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief

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  • Provides 68 minerals from Redmond's naturally occurring bentonite clay
  • Supports a healthy stomach by helping to maintain normal pH levels and buffer acid
  • A great choice for horses who are under stress and for horses who experience occasional GI issues
  • Also available in 25lb pail 
  • 4.5lb
  • 21251936

Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief provides daily gut stability, resolves diarrhea, removes toxins and improves microbiome and nutrient absorption.  This Bentonite Clay is mined in Redmond, Utah from an ancient seabed rich in trace minerals.  Daily Gold helps your horse feel calmer and focus better by resolving digestive issues that create discomfort and anxiety.  Naturally buffers acid that causes equine ulcers and nourishes with 60 loose minerals that improve performance, apperance, and health.  Daily Gold is 95% efficient at binding aflatoxins and T-2 toxins in feed and carrying them out of your horse's system.

Feeding Instructions:

Maintenance - 2 scoops, Heavy Work - 3 scoops, Gut Struggles - 3 scoops, Large Horse greater than 1200lb - 3 scoops.