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Ray Holes 3oz Dri Boot Tin

by NRS
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  • Ray Holes
  • 3 oz Tin
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  • DRT12

Developed back in 1942, Dri-Boot is an all-natural wax waterproofing for leather, using only the finest ingredient it is the ultimate solution for those looking for a waterproofing that will care for top-grained leather products.

Whether about the yard or out in the field Dri-Boot provides that extra protection needed from rain, snow, mud and anything else nature might through at you. Use on 'leaky' chaps, quilted saddle seats, boots, shoes, gun cases, briefcases, binocular cases or any other leather item needing protection and added life from the elements. Dri-Boot provides a moisture shield and does not soften leathers making it ideal for use where you need to maintain the shape of preformed leather items.

Dri-Boot can also be applied over Saddle Butter for added protection or as a quick fix on that leaky old oilskin jacket.

Remember less is more, a little Dri-Boot goes a long way!