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Rattler Spitfire Breakaway Rope 40S

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Style #: SPITFIRE40

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  • Rattler Ropes
  • Spitfire Breakaway Rope
  • 40S
  • 28'
  • Developed with World Champions Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chase 
  • Specifically made to rope necks
  • Super smooth feed, slams shut
  • Available in three sizes, 40/S, 50/S Pro, and 60/S Pro Plus

 The Spitfire is the first professional breakaway rope of its kind. Made specifically to reach and rope the neck, the Spitfire is made with a customized process using technologically advanced fibers. This allows the loop to stay open, and upon delivery close sharp, fast, and tight around the intended target. The enhanced tip has a weighted feel, helping to know where the loop is and guiding it to the intended target. The body keeps the loop open to create a perfect storm for an aggressive, first-swing-shot out of the box necessary to win in today's sport of breakaway.