Rank Racks Team Roping Dummy 35in. and Up

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  •  Handmade in Texas
  • 35" and up Hornspread
  • New Zealand Wool Covered
  • Assorsted Colors
  • RR-35


The Large Rank Racks horns are handmade in Texas and are 35” wide and up. These horns are perfect for the roper that wants to really open up their swing and rope steers with the middle of their loop. The large horns encourage the correct swing and delivery for consistent catches every time, while the New Zealand wool adds a realistic feel to ensure your rope handles the same as it does on live cattle. The combination of natural horns, one-piece solid rebar bale spikes, and wool wrap make the Large Rank Ranks a must-have for any team roper.

Along with being practical in function, the Large Rank Racks are wrapped in a New Zealand wool blanket, making each one individually unique and the perfect accent to your Western home décor.