Rambo Micklem Multibridle

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Style #: SBAB51

  • Horseware Ireland
  • Ergonomic design based on the shape and anatomy of the horse's skull
  • Helps avoid pressure on sensitive areas of the horse's head
  • Padded crown, browband, and noseband for additional comfort
  • Vegetable-tanned leather is soft and environmentally friendly
  • Use as a traditional bridle, bitless bridle, or lunge cavesson
  • Bit straps allow for an ideal fit
  • Tongue protection clips can help relieve undue pressure on the horse's tongue
  • Comes complete with rubber reins
  • Available in black or brown
  • Sizes: Cob or Horse
  • SBAB51

The Rambo® Micklem® Multibridle is ergonomically designed from the inside out with your horse’s comfort in mind. Based on the shape and anatomy of the skull itself, this one-of-a-kind bridle is carefully crafted to avoid pressure on sensitive areas of your horse’s head such as the facial nerves, projected cheekbones, or the upper jaw molars. The noseband is specifically placed and shaped to avoid interfering with the horse’s breathing. Additionally, the wide, contoured crown alleviates pressure on the noseband while padding on the crown, browband, and noseband add to your horse’s comfort. Plus, the soft leather is vegetable-tanned and environmentally friendly.

The Micklem Multibridle features a multipurpose design that allows it to be used as a traditional bridle, lunge cavesson, or as a bitless bridle. To convert to a bitless version, you can either attach the reins directly to the side rings or use the curb groove attachment included for a slightly stronger version. The two sets of different sized pairs of bit straps are included to ensure an ideal fit. Additionally, tongue protection clips are included which can be used to lift the bit in the horse’s mouth to prevent undue or abrupt pressure from being applied to the bars or the tongue. This can be especially helpful when starting a young horse or for inexperienced riders. Finally, it even comes complete with rubber reins so you have everything you need to get started.