Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Pellet

Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Pellet

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  • Purina® Amplify® Nugget
  • Purina® Outlast® Supplement Added to Support Proper Gastric pH
  • Outlast® supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that are designed to support gastric balance, giving you and your horse the confidence to perform.
  • Controlled Sugars and Starch-approximately 18% total sugars and starch
  • High quality protein sources and amino acids deliver a balanced profile that supports foal development, milk production, muscle growth & development and high-level performance.
  • Added fat and balanced nutrients support optimal body condition and shiny, healthy-looking haircoats.
  • More calories from fat and fibers provides multiple fuel sources to support overall health.
  • Exceptional Palatability for Consistent Nutrient Intake
  • 50 lb. bag 
  • 3004620-206


*Now with Outlast Gastric Support Supplement*

Designed for all ages and lifestyles.
One diet. Multiple lifestyles. Strategy® GX Professional Formula horse feed is as simple and as complex as that. Simple, because the perfected-over-time formula provides 100% of the required protein, vitamins and minerals for a wide variety of horses in your barn, when fed as directed.* While there will always be individual horses with specialized nutrition and management needs, Strategy® GX meets the nutritional needs of the vast majority of horses with a single formulation. So even when your horses are in different stages of breeding or development and varying levels of performance, Strategy® GX delivers complex, balanced nutrition in a simplified feeding program.
Complex, because over the past 12+ years, Purina Animal Nutrition Center researchers have fed Strategy® GX almost 20,000 times in feeding trials and research studies to optimize palatability, growth, exercise performance, and manufacturing quality. The results and resulting optimizations make Strategy® GX the unbeatable formula it is today.