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Purina Stocker Grower 14% Pellet

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  • 14% all natural protein feed supplement
  • For growing cattle and calves on forages and grasses
  • All-vegetable protein source
  • Supplemental protein for beef cows and forage or grass diets
  • Balanced formulation of: 
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus
    • Added Salt
    • Trace Minerals
    • Vitamin A
  • Controlled creep feeding program
    • Encourages lean growth for calves, developing heifers and bulls which helps build muscle and skeleton, not fat
  • 50 lb. bag - Pellet
  • 0046877

Purina® All-Natural Protein Stocker Grower Helps Maximize Forage Utilization by Cattle and Calves for Maximum Gain.

Since 1926, Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, MO has been defining and delivering the future of equine nutrition with a unique philosophy: Combine the finest ingredients with exhaustive research and you’ll create unsurpassed nutrition for every type of horse.