Purina Honor Show Chow Show Lamb Grower 18 DX 50lb

Purina Honor Show Chow Show Lamb Grower 18 DX 50lb

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  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Formulated to provide a combination of both bypass and rumen degradable protein, using all-natural protein sources
  • Fully fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals 
  • Includes Diamond V®
  • Includes Tasco®
  • Includes Zinpro®
  • Medicated with Deccox® (decoquinate)
  • Textured feed containing a mixture of high-quality processed grains, cottonseed hulls and molasses
  • Textured
  • 50 lb. Bag
  • 3004492-506

Honor® Show Chow® Showlamb Grower DX feed is a completely balanced, high energy feed for growing show lambs and breeding sheep. Honor® Show Chow® Showlamb Grower DX feed is supported by Purina knowledge, experience and research. Get your best animals on Honor® Show Chow® Showlamb Grower DX feed today so they can reach their full potential.


  • Helps support excellent muscle growth and body condition
  • Helps support improved palatability and nutrient utilization
  • Balanced rumen degradable and undegradable protein sources to support growth and muscle synthesis
  • Provides critical highly-available minerals that helps immune response which is critical for healthy traveling show lambs
  • Helps maximize growth and muscle development; allows lambs to reach their full potential
  • A true, fully fermented yeast culture developed specifically for optimum animal nutrition
  • Research proven, Diamond V® has a unique ability to support ration digestibility, palatability and intake by delivering a rich, all-natural nutrient source to the animal’s digestive bacteria
  • Research has shown that TASCO® helps lower body temperature during heat stress, helping keep animals on feed
  • A natural feed additive resulting from a proprietary multi-step fermentation process of a proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae
  • Helps to reduce incidence of urinary calculi (water belly)
  • For the prevention of coccidiosis, helps support normal immune system


  • Crude protein, % (min) 18.00
    This includes not more than 1% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen.
  • Crude fat, % (min) 3.50
  • Crude fiber, % (max) 9.00
  • Calcium (Ca), % (min) 0.70
  • Calcium (Ca), % (max) 1.20
  • Phosphorus (P), % (min) 0.30
  • Salt (Na Cl), % (min) 0.10
  • Salt (Na Cl), % (max) 0.60
  • Selenium (Se), ppm (min) 0.30
  • Vitamin A, IU/lb (min) 4,500
  • Vitamin D3, IU/lb (min) 1,200
  • Vitamin E, IU/lb (min) 20.00
  • Zinc (min) 115.00