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Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles, 5 Pound Bag

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  • Poultry feed that supports immune and digestive health with prebiotics and probiotics

  • Contains amino acids for muscle and skeletal development, and nutrients needed for healthy growth

  • Key levels of Vitamin A for healthy growth and Vitamin E to maintain a robust immune system

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • 3003980-346

Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles provide optimum nutrition for healthy mixed poultry flocks. This 20% protein, nutrient rich ration provides wholesome nutrition for an entire mixed flock of poultry – including starting and growing chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese (turkeys after 8-10 weeks). This complete poultry feed can be used to help laying hens through molt or in times when feathering needs extra support, for feeding male birds and growing and finishing birds intended for meat production.