Prorate Equine Patterned Open Professional Breakaway Flag


Style #: PR-BF

Hurry, only 3 left!Hurry, only 3 left!Hurry, only 3 left!
  • ProRate Equine
  • Handmade and fashionable breakaway flags from ProRate Equine
  • Wide variety of solid colors and patterns available
  • Patterned breakaway flags eligible for WPRA/PRCA events (College, Open, Pro)
  • These are NOT approved for high school or youth compeition and can be subject to disqualification.
  • Tie flag directly onto the knot of your rope with a small strand of nylon string or cut a small slit in the corner of the flag and pass the flag back through itself, and pull snug around your rope tail.
  • At 16" x 16", these flags are just the right size to make sure the flagger and timer get a good clear shot of the exact moment your rope breaks away from your saddle horn to ensure the cleanest time possible. 
  • Product number PR-BF 

Attention all breakaway ropers!  Stop the clock with these handmade and fashionable breakaway flags from ProRate Equine.  These breakaway flag feature a wide variety of solid colors and patterns to match your style.  Shop for these vibrant breakaway flags using the product number PR-BF.

Please keep in mind that all PATTERNED breakaway flags are eligible to be used in WPRA/PRCA events as long as they are a bright cloth, attached to the end of your rope knot, and clearly visible to the flagman or judge. The patterned breakaway flags are not suitable for youth associations and youth can be subject to disqualification.  The High School Rule states... "A solid color (no pattern/printing) flag that is visible to the flagman or judge must be attached at the knot end of the rope." and... "Only a solid color cloth (no pattern)" PG. 71 2020-2022 NHSRA Rulebook

Breakaway flags in breakaway roping play an important role in ensuring the safety of both the rider and the animal, particularly the horse. These flags are designed to break away from the calf's rope upon a successful catch, reducing the risk of injury to the horse by preventing it from getting tangled in the rope. Additionally, breakaway flags in breakaway roping provide an important visual cue for the horse to stop running and avoid running into the rope after the calf has been caught. This not only helps protect the horse from potential injury but also enhances the accuracy and fairness of the competition. Overall, breakaway flags are a crucial safety tool in breakaway roping that prioritize the well-being of the animals involved while adding excitement and precision to the sport.