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Professional's Choice Quik-Wrap Bell Boots Medium

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  • Professional's Choice
  • Quick Wrap Bell Boots
  • Ballistic Binding
  • Limestone-based Neoprene
  • BB102B

Professionals Choice Quick Wrap Bell Boots
Medium Shaped like traditional bell boots, the QuickWrap® Bell Boots Ltd. provide the ultimate in hoof and soft tissue protection for performance horses. With a 360-degree wrap and an overlap in the back, they cover the whole hoof, including the coronet band and bulb, providing excellent shock absorption right where it's needed. QuickWrap® Bell Boots Ltd. are designed to work exclusively with Professional's Choice protective boots such as the SMB-II® and the splint boot (sold separately).  Ultrashock lining - provides protection and shock absorption.  Ballistic binding - provides high degree of durability. Covers back of hoof to ground - Superior protection to critical areas of hoof. Made with limestone-based neoprene - will not crack or crumble, easy to maintain, absorbsshock and will not absorb water, sweat or harbour bacteria.