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Pierce VaxMate Vaccination Cooler

by Pierce
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  • Rotomolded cooler designed by ranchers for ranchers and veterinarians.
  • Includes stainless steel instrument tray for organizing vaccines.
  • VaxMate cools vaccines at controlled temperatures during transport and chute-side application.
  • Keeps your syringes cool, clean, and out of the sun while loaded with the vaccine or medicine (Syringes get very hot when left out in the sun)
  • The ideal temperature to store your vaccines is between 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital display on the side shows the temperature
  • VaxMate will sound an alarm when the temperature is out of the set temperature boundaries
  • Durable construction will protect your vaccination investments
  • Medical trap and syringe holders constructed of stainless steel for durability and sanitation
  • Stainless Steel syringe holders protect vaccinations syringes and vaccines for the heat, cold and UV light during vaccine administration
  • Patent Pending

– Dr. Ron Gill, Texas A&M University
   Associate Department Head for Extension Animal Science


  • EXTERNAL SIZE: 20.5" x 20.5" x 16.25" (LxWxH)
  • INTERNAL SIZE: 10" x 12" x 12.25" (LxWxH)
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 25 lbs.
  • WARRANTY: 5 years
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Rotomolded cooler with included stainless steel instrument tray | U.S. Pat. No. 62/412,095
  • THERMOMETER SPECS: 3.125" (L) X 1.625" (H), the probe is 1.25" (L)
  • SYRINGE SPECS: 3 stainless steel holders, inside dimensions are 1.625", tube length 8.5"
  • Ice Retention
  • Food Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Hot or Cold Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Drain plug
  • Temperature gauge with alarm
  • Friction pads for added stability

Protect your herd and investment with the PIERCE VaxMate. Manufactured by ranchers for ranchers and veterinarians, VaxMate keeps your vaccines between 35.6 – 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer or winter.

  • VaxMate will sound an alarm when the temperature is out of the set temperature boundaries. We recommend setting it between 35.6 – 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keeps your syringe cool, clean, and out of the sun while loaded with vaccine or medicine. Syringes get very hot when left out in the sun.
  • Stainless steel instrument tray and stainless steel syringe holders are included.
  • Drain plug can connect to a hose for hand washing.

If VaxMate saves one cow or one calf by keeping your vaccines effective, it has more than paid for itself. If you are looking for new vet supplies, VaxMate is a great fit for your cattle chute operation.

Patent Pending.

Pierce Arrow Inc. is a family-owned company located in Henrietta, Texas. We created equipment and accessories for ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, trailer operators and the day-to-day workingman.