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Perfect Calf

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  • Places your horse in the correct postion every time, which will help your horse learn to run to that spot
  • Roping the calf around the neck and pulling your slack sharp makes for a clean neck catch, an important step in switching
  • Learning to place your slack on either side of the calf's neck causes the hondo to be placed on that side of the neck above the point of the shoulder. This gives you the adavntage and leverage
  • Letting the rope slide through your hand until you are out of the stirrup will help you keep your balance
  • Taking hold of your rope when you're in the correct position starts the calf around to face you
  • Ability to life on the head and flank just like a live calf
  • Comes with a sled
  • Perfectcalf

Perfect Calf allows you to always have the calf you need to accomplish your goals for each and every practice session. Whether it is the roper, or the horse, there always seem to come a point where you know you could get to that next step, if you could just slow the run down, or maybe have a faster calf, or have that calf run to that same spot, now you can with Perfect Calf.