Patriot Replacement 6V Gel Cell Battery SG 50

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  •  Fully portable, ‘All in One’ compact design
  • The light, compact design with carry handle makes it ideal for portability. The unit includes internal battery and solar panel, providing a convenient all-in-one energizer.
  • Solar powered
    • Energy efficient solar panel charges the internal battery to power the fence line.
  • Internal rechargeable battery
    • Solar power recharges the battery as required to support long battery life.
  • Flashing red light
    • Indicates at a glance that the energizer is working and powering the fence.
  • Battery
    • Battery saving mode maximizes battery life.
  • Low impedance energizer
    • Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth.
  • Multiple mounting options
    • T-post and wood post mounting option.
  • Large storage capacity
    • Enables up to 21 days operation without sunlight.
  • 2 year warranty (includes lightning)
  • 821212

 Patriot electric fence energizers and accessories are built on the foundation of providing you the flexibility to enjoy your lifestyle with a sleek design that matches your need for simplicity, reliability, and performance - all at an outstanding value. 

Patriot electric fence products are the result of nearly 70 years of experience from one of the world’s leading electric fence manufacturers; Tru-Test Group.

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Patriot is proudly brought to you by Tru-Test Group.