Opinel USA Inc Blister Pack No 07 Carbon Steel Pocket Knife 000622

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Style #: 000622

  • Blade Length:  3.07in
  • Blade Material:  XC90 Carbon Steel
  • Overall Length:  7in x 1in x 1in (Open)
  • Handle Material:  Varnished Beech Wood
  • Locking Mechanism:  Virobloc Locking Ring
  • Weight:  1.4oz
  • Made in France
  • Sold in a Blister Pack
  •  Model:  000622

 The No.07 Carbon Steel Pocket Knife is a handy tool to have in your pocket at any time. Slightly smaller than our famous No.08, the No.07 is great for slightly smaller hands, or smaller pockets. Stash it in a purse, car, pocket or box and you'll be surprised how often you go reaching for it. Model:  000622  Sold in a Blister Pack