Cowboy Tack Offset D Ring Snaffle Bit

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Style #: 252520

  • Cowboy Tack
  • Stainless Steel
  • Off Set Dee Ring
  • 5" Sweet Iron
  • Jointed Snaffle
  • Copper Inlay
  • 3" Rings
  • 252520

Stainless steel offset D ring. 5" sweet iron jointed snaffle mouth with copper inlay 3" rings. This bit will allow you to ride your colt and apply a little more cheek pressure or bit them up without the ring coming through their mouth as much as an O ring snaffle.

D-Ring Snaffles
Named because of the shape of the ring, these snaffles have the mouthpiece offset slightly from the ring and mounted on the ring with a sleeve so the mouth does not slide on the ring. With the offset mouth position, the bar of the D-ring provides the most off side pressure of all the snaffles. The round ring lets the reins move evenly from top to bottom when lifted.