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OE Nutraceuticals Gastro Shield

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  • OE Nutraceuticals
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Helps maintain normal digestive tract
  • Reduces acid in the stomach
  • 4 doses per tube
  • OE-GS


Gastro Shield is formulated with probiotics, digestive fibers and inulin, and select minerals to help maintain normal digestive tract and functions in performance horses. When given as directed, it helps maintain normal gastric pH, contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms. Case studies of acid reducers or Proton Pump Inhibition show that they can weaken bone strength when used over an extended time period. Gastro Shield uses multiple vitamins and minerals to reduce acid in the stomach, help protect the stomach lining, and strength bone structure.

4 doses per tube