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O3 Equine Omega Vitamin E Gallon

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  • O3 Animal Health
  • All-natural Vitamin E
  • Includes omega 3 fatty acids 
  • Combined with benefits of O3 Equine Omega Complete
  • Gallon
  • O3EOVE1

Equine Omega Vitamin E combines all your favorite benefits of Equine Omega Complete with added all-natural Vitamin E. A fat-based supplement, this product includes omega 3 fatty acids to support cellular health and provide additional calories. Equine Omega Vitamin E’s unique formula can help horses suffering from conditions including Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM), Vitamin E Deficiency Myopathy (VEM), White Muscle Disease, and Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy (EDM).