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O3 Equine Omega Complete Gallon

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  • O3 Animal Health
  • Supports a healthy hair coat
  • Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares
  • Delays lactic acid build up in muscles
  • Promotes a healthy respiratory system
  • Can significantly reduce chance of colic
  • May help reduce joint and tissue inflammation
  • Gallon
  • O3EOC1

Equine Omega Complete is a specifically formulated blend that may help to reduce joint and tissue inflammation while helping to support all overall body functions. Used by some of the top horse breeders, trainers, horse owners and veterinarians, Equine Omega Complete supplies a complete balance of beneficial fatty acids to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function. This product has no chemical processing, no hydrogenated fats, and is comprised of all human grade ingredients with one of the tightest ratios of Omega 3's to Omega 6's of any products on the market.