Nylon Horse Training Surcingle w/Liner

by Mustang
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Style #: 8701

  • No-Sweat, Padded Underside
  • Adjustable Girth
  • Multiple D-Ring
  • PVC Liner
  • 8701

During training, use this Nylon Horse Training Surcingle w/Liner. This surcingle has a no-sweat, padded underside to reduce irritation of horse. Girth adjusts to fit a wide range of horses and multiple D-ring attachments allow versatility in use. Black only. Horse Training Surcingles are an excellent tool for working young horses on the lunge line or in a round pen before a saddle is put on, to get them used to something tightened around their girth area.

In addition, a horse can be taught to work in a round frame, flexing at the poll and withers and building the back muscles using this in combination with side reins and a ring snaffle bit. This allows a green or weaker horse to move in a correct frame without pressures or distractions from the rider. This combination may also be used to exercise or warm up a horse before riding. Must be placed just behind withers and tightened as a girth/cinch on a saddle would be.