NRS Steer Saver Dual Control

by NRS
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Style #: SS-2

  • Steer Saver
  • Double Steer Saver
  • Refresh Sour Cattle
  • Increase Longevity of Herd
  • Remote Control Operated
  • SS-2

NRS "All Things Western"

With The NRS Steer Saver Dual Control you can help train and refresh sluggish, dragging or soured cattle and increase the longevity of your herd immensely, all from the convenience of your horse!! Transmits an adjustable stimulus to the steer. Voltage is adjustable for incremental training steps. Remote control operated. The receiver attaches to the steer`s tail with a washable Velcro wrap. One transmitter with two receivers. Operating off of two different frequencies, you can train two steer during the same session by directing your signal to the specified steer through it`s individual frequency. Great if you have more than one problem steer at once.