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NRS All Around Smooth EggButt Snaffle w/ Copper Inlays

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Style #: NRS-EBS

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  • NRS All Around Bit Seres
  • Egg Butt Snaffle
  • 3/8" Smooth Mouthpiece
  • Great for Starting Colts
  • Broken 2 piece
  • 5" mouthpiece
  • Copper Inlayed
  • NRS-ebs

This NRS Smooth Snaffle Bit that is a great bit for starting colts. The direct cues of a two piece d-ring help a colt learn pressure and release as well as lateral movement. Plus copper produces saliva allowing for a more pleasurable taste for the horse. This is a great first ride bit before moving up to a leverage bit.



The NRS All-Around Series of horse bits were made with the goal of creating functional bits that have a unique and authentic look. The mouthpieces were made with a variety of horses and riders in mind, from the basic snaffle to the chain correction, all with in laid copper bars, allowing riders to have the bit or bits they prefer most in their tack rooms.