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NRS Extreme Horn Wrap

by NRS
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Style #: NRS-XHW

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  • Extreme Horn Wrap
  • Extra Padding
  • Fits snug to steer's head
  • Double felt layer under horns

Horn wraps are a necessary part of team roping, and now the NRS Extreme Horn Wrap has an all-new design with an amazing fit and extra padding where it counts. The angling of the buckles and the tail material make the horn wrap fit snug around every steer`s head. It`s not designed as a "figure 8", but for the strap to go around the front of the steer`s head. The new horn wrap fits not only around the steer`s head but also the horn hole size. The smaller hole size helps it to stay in place and simply looks better. The double felt layer under the steer`s horns adds padding where it counts and will increase the steer`s   usability.

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