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NRS Clock Stopper Quick Release

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  • Clock Stopper
  • Quick Release
  • Easy and Effective
  • Light Weight
  • Devices Takes Pressure from Steer
  • CS-QR

Clock Stopper Quick Release

The Clock Stopper is easy to use and very effective because it was designed to allow the heeler`s rope to be safely attached to the saddle horn and to take the jerk of the steer. The Clock Stopper`s streamline and low profile design causes it to be very smooth and easy to operate. Other products rely on the devise to take the pressure of the steer at the end of the rope and rubber bands to keep them close. The rubber bands tend to tear and break or rot. The Clock Stopper is spring assisted therefore not relying on the rubber band to keep it closed. The Clock Stopper does not need to be attached directly to the horn therefore freeing the saddle to be used by either a header or heeler or even for a nice evening ride. Other products have to be tied on to the saddle horn and restrict the use of the saddle. This product is very light weight and easy to install, simply remove the screw just below the swells on your saddle and replace with the small D ring provided behind it. It can be operated either by left or right handed ropers. With one easy pull of the 5/8` latigo leather strap the Clock Stopper will open for a safe and quick release. With its zinc coating and natural leather cover the Clock Stopper is very durable and long lasting. Next time you are in the short round and time matters, don`t miss your dally! Take advantage of the Clock Stopper!

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