NRS by Dutton Floating Hood Cavalry Bit Bridle Set

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Style #: NRS-07-122-SE-RR

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  • This Floating Hood bit works mainly on pressure to the outside of the bar pressure points, thus creating lateral flexion as well as vertical flexion depending on in-direct or direct reining. The low hood will not add palate pressure, it will aid as a roller with the copper rings for ease to a nervous or fidgety horse. The 8" Cavalry cheek is "swept back" behind themouth for great balance and leverage as well as to discourage a horsefrom lipping or biting at the shank.
  • The oiled harness leather headstall comes equipped with solid brasshardware and a stitched slide ear. A slide ear is perfect for quick andeasy bridling.
  • 8 foot long, 5/8” Harness Leather Roping Reins are alsoincluded in this set.
  • A curb strap with harness leather ends is also included. The curb strapattaches to the bit and ensures that the bit remains in place andpressure is applied to the horse's chin when cues are administered, thusencouraging your horse to give to pressure and not brace against thebit.
  • NRS-07-122-SE-RR


This bridle set is what we see as an "all around" set. Simply this bit will meet the needs for a lot of horse's and rider's. Here's how, this bit works primarily off of bar pressure which is the most common pressure to a horse (i.e. colts started with snaffles). Thus, this bit will motivate a horse to operate with vertical and laterial flexion. NRS is also offeringthis bit as part of anexclusive bit, headstalland reinspackage.The leather tackaccompanying the bit is made ofpremiumharnessleather, which wesourcefrom a small tack shop righthere intheU.S. Detail isimportant to ushere at NRS. From the slide ear tothebit tie ends,which are loopedthree times foradditionalsecurity,every piece ofthis set has beencarefully thoughtout toprovideyou, thecustomer, with the greatestquality possible.

NRS has partnered with Dutton Bits and Spurs to help simplify yourbridle shopping. From the bit to the headstall, reins and curb strap,we’ve put together a packaged deal that ends up saving you, thecustomer, money. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, or in thiscase have your bit and bridle set to match. All headstalls and reinsaremade of premium harness leather, meaning they’re built to last.We’vealso selected a broad range of bits to feature in thesepackages. Fromdee ring snaffles to solid ports, we understand theimportance ofhavingdifferent bits in your tack room to help trainand maintain yourhorse’s abilities.