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New Tommy Blessing Smooth Large Port 8 Inch Bit

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Style #: NRSTB19

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  • Blessing Bits
  • New Mouthpiece that is a Large Port with Smooth Bars (this is the same Large Port from our best selling bit, the NRSTB06)
  • Same Great Antique Finish with A Brand New Shank Design with Silver Bars and Floral Overlay Combo
  • S-Shank, 6.5"
  • 8" Cheek
  • 5 1/4" Mouthpiece
  • Curb Chain Included
  • New for Fall 2020
  • NRSTB19


NRS and Tommy Blessing have teamed up once more to bring ourcustomers TWO brand new bits. This bit known as the NRSTB19 has a smooth large port mouthpiece. This Large Port is the same port that we use on our best selling Blessing, the NRSTB06. Also know that this new bit has smoothbars and not chain bars like most of the Blessing Bits. This is a greatnew feature that will aid in additional bar pressure working inconjunction with the 8" cheek to provide leverage and vertical flexionto the horse. Lastly, you will notice the shank design of this bit isnot like any other Blessing Bit you've seen yet! Our two newest bitsboth feature this shank design with a combination of floral and silverbar work! Check out the specs on our other newest Blessing bit, the NRSTB18 here.