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Neigh-Lox Advanced 20lb

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  • Kentucky Performance Products
  • Formulated to reduce the risk of hindgut imbalance 
  • Contains ingredients that buffer and coat the stomach but also support healing and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. 
  • Recommended dose of 4oz (2 scoops) 2-3 times per day. 
  • 20lb
  • 21242614

Neigh-Lox® Advanced, with the pink label, was formulated in response to growing concerns related to the poor hindgut health experienced by many modern horses. Diets rich in starch and stressful lifestyles make modern horses susceptible to gastric ulcers, colonic ulcers, hindgut acidosis, and microbial imbalances leading to colic, diarrhea, and laminitis. Neigh-Lox Advanced contains ingredients that not only buffer and coat the stomach like original Neigh-Lox, but support healing and lower levels of inflammation throughout the digestive tract. Neigh-Lox Advanced has yeast fermentation metabolites that support the reduction of pathogenic bacteria while populating the gut with beneficial bacteria. The inclusion of saccharomyces boulardii in Neigh-Lox Advanced reduces the risk of hindgut imbalances by supporting complete digestion of starches and sugars in the foregut, before they can escape into the hindgut and cause problems. Additionally, S. boulardii supplies nutrients to the gastrointestinal tissues that support the growth of healthy cells and healing of damaged tissue. Daily supplementation of four ounces (2 scoops), two to three times per day of Neigh-Lox Advanced is recommended. Continual support is the key to recovery and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.