MoorMan's ShowTec MoorBody 40lb

MoorMan's ShowTec MoorBody 40lb

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  • MoorBody is a unique energy and fiber supplement for Show Swine.

  • Specifically formulated to provide highly saturated fat as well as citrus and beet pulp to enhance show pig fill and expression.

  • Not a complete feed and must be fed in conjunction with a ShowTec Developer

  • Dense Texture that reduces segregation when mixed with pelleted feed.

  • High fiber content that increases gut fill, which expands rib capacity

  • 40lb bag

MoorMan's ShowTec MoorBody Swine Supplement provides high-fat and high-energy chips along with choice white grease and palm oil, a high fiber content that increases gut fill which expands the rib capacity. MoorBody contains citrus and beet pulp when combined creates gut fill. Available in a 40lb bag