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MoorMan`s Mintrate Blonde Block RU

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  • Moorman's
  • Tubs and blocks provide great nutrition, like protein, energy, minerals and vitamins, in convenient delivery systems.
  • Targeted blend of source proteins – Encompass protein needs for the rumen microbes and the animal, maximizing rumen function for optimal cattle performance and enhanced reproductive efficiency
  • No added potassium – Forages typically supply ample amounts of potassium
  • 33.3 lbs
  • 532AT
  • Hydroxy copper – A rumen bypass source of copper, reducing potential negative interaction; independent research validates high mineral absorption to the animal
  • Proprietary source of cobalt – A unique source of cobalt, facilitating better forage digestion for more available energy
  • Zinc methionine – Delivers bypass zinc to boost overall performance, enhance reproductive status, milk production and hoof health
  • Biuret® – An ADM exclusive source of slow release, non-protein nitrogen that enhances the rumen microbes’ ability to more extensively digest forage