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Merck Safe-Guard Dewormer 0.5% Alfalfa-Based Pellets 10lb

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  • Medicated Dewormer for Beef & Dairy Cattle, Horses & Swine  0.5% Top-Dress pellet
  • For the removal and control of in cattle: Lungworms, Stomach worms, brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, Intestinal worms, Hookworms, thread-necked intestinal worms, small intestinal worms,Bankrupt worms, Nodular worms
  • For the control of in horses: Large strongyles, Small strongyles, Pinworms and Ascarids
  • For the removal and control of in swine: Lungworms, Gastrointestinal worms,  large round worms, nodular worms, small stomach worms, whipworm, Kidney worms
  • Active Ingredient: 0.5% (fenbendazole)
  • Alfalfa-based pellet for improved palatability
  • 10 lb
  • 130215

Safe-Guard® Products Give You More Than One Way to Solve Deworming Problems



0.5% (2.27 g/lb)


Crude Protein

(min.) 15%

Crude Fat

(min.) 1%

Crude Fiber

(max.) 30%


Ground alfalfa hay, roughage products, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate (preservative) and mineral oil.

CATTLE: Dairy and beef cattle

For the removal and control of: Lungworms: (Dictyocaulus viviparus). Stomach worms: Barberpole worms (Haemonchus contortus), brown stomach worms (Ostertagia ostertagi), small stomach worms (Trichostrongylus axei). Intestinal worms: Hookworms (Bunostomum phlebotomum), thread-necked intestinal worms (Nematodirus helvetianus), small intestinal worms (Cooperia punctata & C. oncophora). Bankrupt worms: (Trichostrongylus colubriformis). Nodular worms: (Oesophagostomum radiatum).

Feed for one (1) day. No prior withdrawal of feed or water necessary. When feed containing Safe-Guard® has been fed for 1 day according to the above rates, a total intake of 2.27 mg fenbendazole per pound of body weight is assured.

Under conditions of continued exposure to parasites, retreatment may be needed after 4-6 weeks.

RESIDUE WARNING: Cattle must not be slaughtered within 13 days following last treatment. For dairy cattle, there is no milk withdrawal period.

HORSES: All horses, including pregnant mares, stallions and foals

WARNING: Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.

SWINE: Growing pigs, gilts, pregnant sows and boars

4.08 mg febendazoleper lb body weight (9 mg febendazole per kg body weight) to be fed as the sole ration over a period of 3 to 12 consecutive days. Each pound of SafeGuard 0.5% Dewormer will treat 555 lbs body weight (each ounce will treat 35 lbs body weight). There is no pre-slaughter withdrawl period for swine as SafeGuard can be fed to the day of slaughter.