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Men's Twisted X Cellstretch Bomber Gore Casual Shoe

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Style #: MXCG001

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  • Men's 
  • Twisted X 
  • Cellstretch Bomber 
  • Gore 
  • Casual Shoe
  • Pull On 
  • Rubber Outsole
  • MXCG001

 Twisted x is proud to launch the new CellStretch  technology. Their team continues to pursue their mission of bringing unrivaled comfort to the western, casual and work industries, In their quest for all day comfort they found ways to enhance their current technology. our designers and engineers put in the countless hours to take their system to the next level. Through numerous refinements of their proprietary command they imitated testing of the CellStretch technology. After several rounds of on foot testing and few final tweaks to the cells formula. They got it right! From the consistent feedback of positive results, they knew they had something special. Clearly we had earned the approval of their consumers.