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Men's Tru American Cologne Spray

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Targets: Targets 25-45 year old western or mainstream guy who admires and respects this country. For the pride of ourgreat country….and you

Packaging: Strong, masculine bottle with whiskey colored fragrance, a bold wooden cap and patriotic textured box

Tru Fragrance (formerly “Romane Fragrances”) is a fragrance manufacturer that was founded by Bernie Dworin in 1969 to develop fine fragrances for independent clothiers. Over the last 43 years, it has grown to serve both the independent, licensed and private label fragrance markets, as well as niche segments in every retail price point ranging from $9.99 to $99.00. Whether we are creating a brand for young teens, mature women or any other target market, the Tru Fragrance development process remains the same: We use a powerful combination of art and science to develop great fragrance brands that consistently resonate with consumers in an emotional way.