Men`s R Watson Rhubarb Roughout 13` Black Sinatra Top Cutter Toe Boot

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Style #: RW8211-1

  • Men's
  • R Watson 
  • Rhubarb Roughout
  • 13" Black Sinatra CowhideTop 
  • Leather Calf Lined 
  • Leather Outsole
  • Cushion Insole
  • Single Stitched Extra Wide Welt
  • Cutter Toe 
  • Extra Wide Shank
  • Leather Stacked Long Base Heel 
  • Hand Made 
  • RW8211-1



     Finding a cowboy boot is easy. finding a quality, handcrafted boot at a reasonable price is tough. R.Watson boots is bringing back old- world craftsmanship, the genuine article, one pair at a time. 

Relying on 40- plus years of experience with the best known boot makers and brands, Randy knows boots. His appreciation for superior craftsmanship, dedication to finding exceptional materials, understanding of the specifics of the fit and his attention to detail are paramount in the marketplace. A consumer will be challenged to find a boot man as experienced and passionate as Randy Watson. or a boot that is equally impressive.