Maximum Relief

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Style #: MAXR

  • Sullivan Supply
  • Fast relief from sun burn, bug bites, dry skin, dandruff and irritation
  • Restore hair and skin
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Aloe Vera gel to nourish and repair irritated skin 
  • Absorbs quickly without sticky residue
  • 16oz
  • MAXR

For fast relief from Sun Burn, bug bites dry skin, dandruff and irritation. Certified organic aloe has been cold-pressed to ensure maximum potency. Unlike powders, this cold-pressed aloe vera juice contains more vitamins, minerals and anti-fungal elements to soothe and heal dry skin and hair. Non-alcoholic, it restores skin and hair. No potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate, which are known to irritate skin. This Aloe Vera Gel relieves your dry, inflamed skin with natural amino acids to nourish and repair irritated skin. Anti-inflammatory, reducing skin irritation and redness. This alo gel extract is naturally antibacterial so it supports minor wound healing and microcirculation for more radiant looking skin. Absorbs quickly without sticky residue, penetrating deep to soften and revitalize dry skin, brittle hair.

Directions: Massaged liberally into your hands and apply directly to the skin and hair in desired area, it delivers fast relief from sunburns, Insect bites and dandruff.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Diazolidinyl Urea, Polyquaternium 37, Sodium Hydroxide, Aloe