Manna Pro Scratch Grains 10lb

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  • Designed for all species of poultry 
  • Ideal for backyard flocks 
  • Great source of energy
  • Adds diversity to the feeding regimen
  • 10 lb. Bag 
  • 00-4960-0210

 Manna Pro Products, LLC, formed in 1985, has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industries pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition.

Manna Pro strives to be a recognized leader in the care and nurturing of animals. As a leader, we will bring innovation, high and consistent quality, and excellent customer service to our customers and consumers.  
Manna Pro. Nurturing Life.

We are the successor to Carnation Company Milling Division, with a 161 year history of manufacturing and marketing diversified animal feed. E.A. Stuart founded the Carnation Company when he purchased the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company in 1899. Our antecedents include Albers Brothers Milling Co. and John W. Eshelman & Sons, the oldest established animal feed business in the U.S. (1842).
Today, Manna Pro has developed into a multi-faceted, progressive company that stands as a leader in the fields of animal health and nutrition. From our flagship brand, Calf-Manna®, to the most popular horse treats on the market, Manna Pro products continue to be staples in barns everywhere.