Lyles Blue 5-1/2 ft Kid's Piggin String

Lyles Blue 5-1/2 ft Kid's Piggin String

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Style #: RS022012

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  • Lyles
  • Kid's Piggin String
  • Blue
  • 5-1/2 Foot Long
  • 100% Nylon Fiber
  • RS022012


Lyles Ropes " You won't settle for less than the best in yourperformance, so don't settle for less than the best in your ropes!"

Lyles Blue5 1/2 ft Kid's Piggin String. The extra small strings fit perfectly insmall hands and are easy to handle. Makes tying goats and practicing on dummies enjoyable and rewarding..

Lyles Ropes are manufactured with 100% nylon string that is producedin our own factory.  The capability to produce our own string enablesus to eliminate the bounce, yet incorporate the tight twist andweight needed for the ultimate rope. Lyles Ropes come in the standardsizes of 32 feet for Heading and 35 feet for Heeling.  They are alsoavailable in a number different Lays, different Thicknesses and in a100% Nylon or a Nylon/Poly Blend.  What ever you need in an outstandingrope or string, we make it!

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