Kool Out Clay Poultice 5lb

Kool Out Clay Poultice 5lb

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  • Finish Line
  • Cools and tightens horses legs and feet after workouts and races
  • Used on thin-skinned horses, will not react with other medications and can be used over leg paints or nicks
  • Won't leave skin sore
  • Will not cause scurf or blistering and will not react with leg paints or other medications
  • made in the USA
  • Also available in 12.9lb
  • 5lb
  • 21270928

KOOL-OUT™ POULTICE has the following benefits for your horse:It cools and tightens your horse’s legs after workouts, performances, events and races. Mild enough for everyday use and for horses with sensitive skin. Can be used over minor nicks, cuts, blisters and other surface abrasions Easy on and easy off application

Note: Wash horse’s legs with castile or other non-medicated soap before application.