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Keratex Mud Shield Powder

by Keratex
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  • Waterproofs horses legs and other body parts against the effects of mud and water
  • Thoroughly disinfects the skin area
  • Allows the skin to breath while repelling water and mud particles
  • 450 gram shaker bottle
  • 044009

Keratex Mud Shield Powder has a unique waterproofing action which simply stops these problems before they start by preventing water from softening the skin. It is this softening effect of continual water saturation which allows mud particles to enter the pores of the skin and cause irritation, which can then lead to further complications. In addition to waterproofing the hide, Keratex Mud Shield Powder also contains a powerful disinfectant to maintain the skin in a healthy condition.

 Apply daily by sprinkling onto clean dry legs and body skin. Rub well into the skin against the lay of the hair.

Use Mud Shield Powder to protect existing skin lesions. This will keep them dry and avoid further infection. Dry scabs will form and these should be allowed to drop off naturally.