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KER Micro-Max

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  •  KER
  • Ration fortifier for horses
  • Chelated minerals to increase digestablility
  • Yeast cultures to enhance fiber and nutrient digestion
  • Palatable pelleted formula
  • Fulfills vitamin and mineral requirement for all-forage diets
  • Contains natural-source vitamin E
  • 4.5kg

Micro-Max™ is a low-intake concentrated source of vitamins and minerals for mature horses. Micro-Max is ideal for horses that maintain body weight on diets composed entirely of forage or forage and small amounts of concentrate. The use of Micro-Max ensures that all vitamin and mineral requirements of mature horses and ponies are satisfied for as little as $0.60/day. Because of its low feeding rate, Micro-Max can be fed by itself or mixed with a concentrate.

Obesity is a growing problem among horses and ponies, and is related to a number of health concerns, including exercise intolerance, joint problems, and metabolic disorders. In order to keep horses in moderate body weight, they are often given rations with insufficient vitamin and mineral fortification. This is sometimes the case when fortified feeds are fed at levels below their recommended feeding rates.

Feeding Directions:

Feed 120 g per day to horses or 60 g per day to ponies that consume rations consisting of forage only or forage and unfortified grains. For horses and ponies consuming a fortified feed at less than the recommended rate, use this product proportionally (e.g., if a horse is fed half of the recommended feeding rate of a fortified concentrate, feed half of the recommended amount of Micro-Max.) 1 scoop = approximately 60 g

Guaranteed Analysisper 120 g:

Calcium3,000 mg

Phosphorus2,000 mg

Magnesium1,200 mg

Iodine1.9 mg

Selenium1.9 mg

Copper145 mg

Zinc440 mg

Manganese240 mg

Iron185 mg

Vitamin A42,290 IU

Vitamin D4,229 IU

Vitamin E380 IU

Biotin0.5 mg